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The Video Monitoring System of Barcelona beaches (Barcelona, Catalunya, northeast Spain) is part of the Coastal Ocean Observatory ( of the Institut de Ciències del Mar (, promoted as response to the deficit of medium-long term research marine stations along the Spanish coast. Barcelona site consists of 6 unattended video cameras located at the top of Mapfre building at 142 m. near from the Olympic Harbour of Barcelona. From that height (142m.), a panoramic view of the Olympic Harbour and the city beaches: Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant to NorthEast and Somorrostro, La Barceloneta, Sant Miquel and Sant Sebastià to SouthWest are viewed. The last beaches can also be observed, but with less spatial resolution. Every daylight-hour the cameras get one picture per second for a ten-minute period and after that 3 products are produced: snap (a snapshot image), timex (a mean of the 600 images acquired during first 10' of each hour) and var (a variance of the 600 images acquired during first 10' of each hour). All the data are used by to study the coastal dynamics at short and medium time scales, the storm impacts on the beaches, the tendencies of coastline evolution and the effect of interventions human on the beaches. For more information, go to: Video Monitoring (